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Deerwood Elementary -
A student population of 1,227. Parents admit that having neighborhood schools where their children can receive a quality education in grades K- 12 was a big plus when it came to selecting Poinciana.
Horizon Middle -
Has a student population of I ,l 81 students. Deciding where to live becomes almost academic when shoppers with school-age children learn that Poinciana has four neighbor-hood schools-Deerwood and Reedy Creek Elementary, Horizon Middle, and Poinciana High-and its developer,Avatar Properties Inc., is committed to the on-going support of local schools.
Poinciana High -
High School has a student population of 1,799. The middle school and high school, only one and two years old, respectively, may soon be joined by a third elementary school to accommodate Poinciana's accelerated growth which has attracted many families with young children. One of the target areas is along the Marigold Avenue corridor in the vicinity of the Osceola- Polk border.
Reedy Creek Elementary -
Reedy Creek Elementary has a student population of 826. Although price, design and lifestyle have played a major role in the popularity of Poinciana, it's the community's neighborhood schools that have earned straight A's from home buyers.
Schools Other -
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